Welcome to the TRAM Boutique, the TRAM’s new online shop. Here you will find a variety of unique products that promote the same added values the TRAM offers its passengers day in and day out: comfort, operability and, above all, environmental care and conservation.

This initiative was created to offer TRAM-inspired products to people who wish to make the TRAM a part of their homes and daily lives, because they value the benefits this means of transportation represents for them and their environment.

Still aren’t familiar with the TRAM?

TRAM is a public transportation company that manages the two existing tram lines operating in the Barcelona Metropolitan Region, Trambaix and Trambesòs.

The TRAM works to provide the best service possible to passengers who use the tram every day to move around the city quickly, comfortably and safely. Our service strives to be efficient, environmentally friendly and mindful of civic values. Therefore, we efficiently move people around the city in harmony with civic and environmental values.

TRAM operates 56 stations distributed along 6 lines (29 km in total length) and has its own circulation platform.

TRAM has succeeded in:

  • Emitting 22,000 fewer tons of CO2 as compared to other means of transportation
  • Being selected as the main means of transportation by five million former motorists.
  • Becoming one of the projects for which public investment has proved the most profitable.
  • Uniting neighbourhoods that were previously separated: From La Mina to Besòs.
  • Overcoming the wall that separated Cornellà from Barcelona.
  • Transporting over 2 million passengers..
  • Reducing the level of vibrations and noise as a result of using light materials and electricity in the construction of the TRAM.
  • Developing 800,000 m2 of urban space: One tram transports the same number of passengers as two buses or 174 cars.

To find out more, visit the TRAM’s website here

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The team at La Botiga del TRAM