Welcome to the TRAM Boutique, the TRAM’s online shop. Here you will find a variety of unique products that promote the same added values that TRAM offers its passengers day in and day out: comfort, operability and, above all, environmental care, and conservation.

This initiative was created to offer TRAM-inspired products to people who wish to make TRAM a part of their homes and daily lives, because they value the benefits this means of transportation represents for them and their environment.

Still are not familiar with TRAM?

TRAM runs the Trambaix and Trambesòs tramway system in the Barcelona Metropolitan Region with the aim of enabling people to enjoy an efficient mobility service that is respectful of society and the environment. We offer quality transport for the almost 30 million trips made every year on the two networks, which serve 9 municipalities in the Barcelona Metropolitan Region.

TRAM started operating 15 years ago and has established itself as an important means of transport within the Barcelona Metropolitan Region, improving the mobility of public transport users. With two networks -Trambaix and Trambesòs- and almost 30 kilometres in service, the tram has improved the connection between the cities it runs through and has made more than 330 million trips during its first fifteen years of operation.

It is the public transport system most highly rated by users according to the annual ATM survey (EMEF, Working Day Mobility Survey). Furthermore, according to the company’s satisfaction survey, the users’ Perceived Quality Index (PQI) score exceeds 8 out of 10 in the two networks it operates.

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